Trends, Predictions and Promotional Products for 2017

Each year we review articles and reports on trends affecting marketing, advertising and the promotional products industries so that we can pass along the following highlights to you…

–Being visible and fostering communication with your audience, and subsequently focusing on their needs, desires and preferences are as important as ever.  Organizations will need to ensure that their campaigns and touch points are specific to their audience and that they recognize and understand the individual members comprising that audience.

–Marketers will need to start learning and addressing members of the Generation Z group which are now teenagers and will comprise 40% of the US workforce by 2020.

–Virtual Reality technology is becoming more mainstream and cost of its accessories is becoming more affordable.  This captivating technology lends itself wonderfully to tradeshow booths and audience engagement events of all kinds.

–Our interest and constant use of electronic devices continues to increase which means technology-related accessories will remain at the top of the most popular promotional products available.

–Sustainability as an overall concept along with recycled, recyclable, organic and natural products still carry appeal, but trends show that it is not one for which most adults will pay extra.

–Healthcare, medical insurance, healthy lifestyles and wellness are front of mind issues for most adults, and the majority of organizations spend considerable resources addressing those needs for their employees.  So, health-related promotional products will continue to be strong candidates for employee and member events.

–Similarly, organizations are looking for more non-cash incentives to reward employee performance and loyalty.  Promotional products and apparel continue to be ideal of methods to fulfill this need.

–As mentioned in our recent article about trends in promotional apparel the overall theme for 2017 appears to be “what’s old is new again” with retro and vintage garments leading the way.  Of note is the exciting release of true black heathered garments call “Black Heather”.  Click this link to take look:  .

We hope you have found these highlights thought-provoking, and wish you a very Happy and Successful 2017!

Please contact TheMarketPro when you are considering promotional products and decorated apparel so that we can provide the information you need to make the best possible purchasing decisions.  TheMarketPro can be reached at 800-905-0073 or .  Additional articles can be found at in our “Going Green with Promotional Products” and “Coffee Break Reading” sections.


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Author:             Connie King

Published:        December 2016

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