We covered the results of the 2008 study on the ROI of promotional products that was done by the Advertising Specialty Institute a couple years back. New research continues to show extraordinary performance by this choice of media to increase sales and brand exposure. The use of promotional products is now being described as active branding as opposed to passive branding meaning that the recipient is interacting with the branded product instead of viewing it on television or seeing it in a magazine.

The Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study was conducted in the summer of 2010 via personal interviews with businesspeople in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Its focus was the cost analysis of promotional products versus other media. The study found that 60% of people who receive promotional products do business with the advertiser afterward; 83% in the US indicated that they could identify the advertiser on the promotional product they owned; 41% of US participants indicated that their opinion of an advertiser was more favorable after receiving a promotional product; and, that 64% had a more favorable view of the sponsor. It was also found that people between the ages of 45 and 54 own the most promotional products. Writing instruments were the most frequently used promotional product for all countries taking part in the study. Impressions per month in the US were calculated at 1078 for bags, 443 for caps/headwear, 437 for writing instruments, 344 for shirts and 295 for calendars. The cost per impression of promotional products came in at a half cent which is less than most other media, and the pass-along rate was exceptional. 62% of US responders said they give the item to someone else if they don’t plan on using it themselves.

A study performed at Baylor University showed that promotional products can increase response rates by as much as 75% when coupled with direct-mail solicitation, proving the value of products as a display of goodwill toward targeted customers.

Southern Methodist University tested the effectiveness of promotional products over coupons. People that received products rather than coupons re-ordered product an average of 18% sooner. And, promotional products generated a 13% quicker response versus advertisement with no value-added component.

A study sponsored by Georgia State University found that 73% of people who think that a promotional product is useful will use it at least once a week, 45% will use the item once a day, and 55% keep the product for more than a year.

As you may be realizing while reading these statistics one key to a successful campaign is giving a product that will become the person’s favorite so that it will get used over and over. Please contact TheMarketPro when you are considering promotional products and corporate wearables so that we can provide the information you need to make the best possible purchasing decisions. TheMarketPro can be reached at 800-905-0073 or sales@themarketpro.net . Additional articles can be found at www.TheMarketPro.net in our “Going Green with Promotional Products” and “Coffee Break Reading” sections.

Author: Connie King
Published: March 2011

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