Boosting Employee Health with Promotional Products

Companies wanting to promote healthier workplaces, reduce missed days and productivity loss due to illness, and possibly reduce health care costs are finding promotional products to be effective ways to boost employee health and well-being. A Harvard University study found that for every $1 invested in corporate wellness programs, companies receive a $6 return on investment as a direct result of reduced medical costs and reduced absenteeism.

Corporate wellness programs encourage employees to take charge of their health and make positive changes when needed.  Promotional products are important tools in these programs, and are used to energize and motivate participants.  An unhealthy workforce can be a financial strain for an organization.  But, proactive wellness programs motivate staff to exercise, eat well, get enough sleep and manage stress, thereby creating a happier and healthier work culture.

Aetna offers an on-going wellness program called “Healthy Lifestyles” to its workforce of 50,000 and currently has 34,000 participants.  About 40% of those participants use a wearable device to monitor their daily health and activity levels.  Aetna uses cash and non-cash incentives including branded gear like gym bags, yoga mats, water bottles and athletic apparel to motivate participants.  They have found these incentives to make all the difference when it comes to the level of engagement, and that the most successful programs offer a variety of incentives ranging from drawings and gifts cards to promotional products.

Some of the most popular health and well-being products are Tumblers which can be used for hot and cold beverages, Shakers for mixing healthy and rejuvenating beverages, stylish workout apparel, hot/cold packs, water bottles, pedometers, exercise bands, and healthy snacks like trail mix with dried fruits and nuts.

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 Source:         Successful Promotions—Volume 124, Advertising Specialty Institute, .

Author:            Connie King

Published:       November 2016

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